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In A Moment 

Produced, Written, & Directed by Dustin Puehler

“…a good example of how even the grungiest genre fare can be elevated by a creative approach.” – Michael Glover Smith, Time Out Chicago

“Full of disturbing action, flecked with surreal comedy, In A Moment will unsettle you.” – No Coast Cinema





In A Moment Blu-Ray

feature film. 94mins. Matt Peterson looks for love with a mysterious partner on the internet while a gang of small town criminals travels through the countryside looking to make fast cash by means of home invasions. Matt’s life is filled with pain and this flicker of love in his heart may be the only thing left to save himself. He’s prepared to not let anything stop him by any means necessary. Bundle Includes RFF’s first feature film Reality and other special features. (PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE USA)



RFF Early Works

Enjoy over 5 hours of early content from Ready Freddy Films. Short films, web shows, music videos, and visualizations.

Early Works Collection Blu-ray

See the beginnings of Ready Freddy Films journey with a collection of early short form works. Contains three short films and six different web shows with over 5hrs of content including special features. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE USA.



Produced, Written, & Directed by Dustin Puehler

“It’s full of humor (albeit DARK), raw human emotion and plenty of backstabbing surprises.”
“Disturbing and humorous at the same time!”The Final Cut

Reality (DVD)

feature film. 80min. A horror satire about a failing TV station that makes a last ditch effort to create an entertaining show using horrific footage recovered from a dumpster and turn it into a reality show. (PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE USA)


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closet monster
Closet Monster DVD – SOLD OUT
burning inside
Burning Inside DVD – SOLD OUT