The Depression Trilogy

Dir. Dustin Puehler 2019. 60min

A darkly surreal and experimental science fiction journey. The films dive into the lonely lives of individuals stuck in time, split in between realities and deteriorating due to a mysteriously influential digital force that infects their magical thinking.

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In A Moment

Dir. Dustin Puehler 2018. 94min

Matt Peterson looks for love with a mysterious partner on the internet while a gang of small-town criminals travels through the countryside looking to make fast cash by means of home invasions. Matt’s life is filled with pain and this flicker of love in his heart may be the only thing left to save himself. He’s prepared to not let anything stop him by any means necessary.

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Dir. Dustin Puehler 2015. 81min

A horror satire about a failing TV station that makes a last ditch effort to create an entertaining show using horrific footage recovered from a dumpster and turn it into a reality show.

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Ready Freddy Films: Early Works Collection

Dir. Dustin Puehler 2010-2016. 5 hrs

A collection of web shows and short films.

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Burning Inside: A Thriller Workout

Dir. Dustin Puehler 2016. 18min

Burning Inside is a one of a kind work out experience. The ONLY thriller work out to exist and more importantly the FIRST one ever produced. Follow Denny Harper as he shows you how to shed those pounds by first shedding off his sanity.

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Closet Monster

Dir. Dustin Puehler 2014. 14min

Ben is a man who has been plagued by a Monster, who has been living in his closet…for twenty years. Tensions have grown to an all time high and both the Monster and Ben are not backing down. Some relationships need to end.

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Dir. Dustin Puehler 2012. 18min

Hailey and her mother drive into the big city to enter a young girls beauty pageant. Hailey is determined to win, but Mom is even more so, shaping her daughter to be the ultimate winning machine with practice, restricted diet, and botox. Trouble pops up as little Addison takes the stage and the hearts of the Judges. The only way to win now is to defeat Addison.

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