NEW short film and web series up!

We have been hard at work finishing post production of our biggest project yet, In A Moment. It is going to be fantastic! Look below to see what we came up with to keep mouth salivating….

Short film – Burning Inside: A Thriller Work Out


Web Series – The Food Reviewer


Spend your weekend at the Club

Check out our newest web series premiering all weekend! Head over to the Club Drama page under Web Series or click here .

Nightlife can be dramatic.



Thank you cast and crew for realizing this show and making it so with all your talents! – Dustin Puehler (Director of “Club Drama”)

Two new trailers!

Here are two brand new trailers for two of our upcoming short films. This year is looking to be filled with several shorts, web series, and feature film content. Make sure to spread the love and share anything of ours you enjoy and we will continue to produce more FREE content! Thanks for the love as we have to rush back into the post production room.

-Dustin Puehler

America’s Fuddiest Duddiest Teaser

Closet Monster Trailer

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Regardless what you celebrate, ’tis the time of the year when we have an annual reflection and appreciation of the people around us. Thanks for the support! Also, enjoy the time off work.


Our first feature film…

What started as a web series turned into a feature film for us here. A horror/comedy satire on reality TV, presented as a video nasty with a mix of reality TV aesthetics. We had a small preview screening in Chicago and it went amazingly! Some of the comments we got were, “…horrifically funny. Then, I felt bad for laughing.” and “A scathing look at the misogyny and obsession within Reality TV.”


We will be having another screening soon here in Chicago. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’d like us to screen in your area at



Reality is transitioning to a feature film.

I want to thank everyone who has supported our show Reality this past month. We were happy to find out its success in being cut together a a feature film and have decided to push the show in that direction. To anyone who just started the show and had it pulled, we are sorry, but if you enjoyed what you had seen you’ll love the decision when you see it. We will be pushing it out to festivals this year and have special screenings of the film in Chicago, IL and Grand Rapids, MI very soon! Thanks for your support!

Dustin Puehler (creator of REALITY)


Episode 1 of REALITY is here!

“A failing TV station makes a last ditch effort to create an entertaining show using horrific footage recovered from aRealityposter dumpster and turn it into a reality show.”

Head over to our Web Series section to check out the REALITY page for the first episode! There will be 8 episodes total with the 2nd one premiering July 14th. To help us out, like our our facebook page, follow us on twitter, and most importantly share our content around. Thanks a bunch, it helps the world go round.


-Dustin Puehler






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