The International Clown Film Festival MAY 2019
(Dates TBD by March 10th 2019)
🤡 The festival shows funny clowns, scary clowns, found footage clowns, wacky clowns, gross clowns, sexy clowns and abstract clowns.
🤡 The festival is a celebration of the range of emotions that the clown has painted over our minds. 
🤡 The festival where one night out of the year we pay homage by watching a showcase of short films, music videos, visualizations, found footage and live entertainment. 
🤡 Welcome to our FUNHOUSE. presented by mouthbreathersTV


What is “clown content”?

Clowns have been interpreted in many different ways. We’re looking for traditional AND experimental approaches to clowny representation. If it reminds you of a clown, it is probably a clown. 

Please submit materials that fit into any of these categories:

  • short films 
  • music videos
  • found footage
  • home video
  • visuals
  • experimental
  • adult/mature
  • images/artwork


Please own your content OR if it is found footage, get permission and pay the credit forward properly in the submission email. 

How to submit?

  1. Purchase entry into the festival below.
  2. Email your submission (screener link) to mouthbreatherstv@gmail.com with a screenshot/image/proof of your submission receipt with the subject line “ICFF Submission”
  3. Put candy under your pillow every saturday until Selection Announcement (April 20th, 2019) to appease the clown spirits.


ICFF Submission

This purchase grants you the power to submit your content to the Grand Clown Judges. Selections are announced on April 20th. NOTE: One payment = as many submission links as you want.


Email mouthbreathersTV@gmail.com with proof of purchase, SUBJECT LINE: ICFF Submission