Dustin Puehler

Owner/Director/Writer of Ready Freddy FilmsDustin

Website: www.dustinpuehler.com

Email: readyfreddyfilms@gmail.com

Originally from Belding, Michigan, Dustin Puehler graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video – his concentration was Cinematography. Immediately after college, Dustin made the horror film, SPOTS, a $300 character study about an ignorant college student that catches an exaggerated and vile STD. As the disease continues to get worse, the student recklessly passes the disease on to others, a byproduct of his insatiable sexual desires.

The film premiered in March of 2010. Ready Freddy Films was created to solidify Dustin with those who prevailed through the SPOTS production, as a committed team. Through the summer of 2010 into July 2011,  he has worked on building up Ready Freddy Films as a production house with over 30+ scripts, professional equipment, and an amazing team who make it ALL possible.

His favorite films include Straw Dogs, The Fly, The Eel, The Piano Teacher, and The Wayward Cloud.


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